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Dome for events

      Our Dome is ready to become part of your event.

      We are versatile and ready to welcome you:

  • for weddings;

  • for corporate events;

  • for conferences;

  • for baptisms;

  • for other holidays...

     The dome is a unique structure that admires its special aura. We offer you the 254 m2 Margis Recreation Center Dome with an impressive view of the expanses of Lake Margis and the cozy and endlessly spacious area around it. In the dome, there are transparent chairs and round tables for your celebration, which give charm and elegance. The transparent part of the Dome faces the prestigious Lake Margis.

     During the event, one of the most important things is the comfort of our guests, so Margis Dome is equipped with powerful air conditioners that will cool you down on hot summer days, and heaters will warm you up in cold weather. Therefore, in relation to Dome, there is no bad weather at our place - the only thing that matters is the good emotions and smiles of the guests!

     We are flexible - we can host both a cozy wedding and christening celebration, as well as a company event or conference. Our universality is provided by the large square footage of the Dome and the nearby, spacious, well-kept territory on the shore of Lake Margis - you only need to visit us and even the most secret ideas of your holiday can be realized in Our Margis Recreation Area!

Each one  the holiday is special and the price is negotiated individually

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